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The Queen in her Chariot!I was born on March 30, 1953 at Sefton General Hospital in Liverpool, England, to Bob & Kay Irvine.  My arrival, and that of my brother Bob 27 months' earlier, completed what many considered to be the "millionaire's family" - a boy and a girl!

Although Dad was born at 17 Portwood Street, he was 4 years old when he, a brother William, and two sisters, Peggy and Hilda, relocated to 28 River Avon Street.  Located just off Lodge Lane, River Avon Street was, by all standards, considered to be a small street; but as a child, it was pretty long to me! Perhaps it was the fact that I was such a short kid-everything looked big through my eyes.  Not unlike many other streets in Liverpool, River Avon Street was a virtual melting pot of various races and religious denominations. My playmates were all of different racial origins including Asian, African, Muslim and some others I'm not sure about to this day.  I was brought-up to respect all human beings regardless of their race, colour or creed and I’m proud to say my values in this regard have never wavered to this very day.

Our parents also brought us up to respect our elders, whether they Looking down to Newstead Road from our housewere related or not. Our neighbours to the left for example were and will always be known to me as Aunty Joyce & Uncle Harry. They had two children, Harold (Jnr) and June.  I remember being quite smitten with Harold and recall a nasty incident once when I was riding my bike to school and, paying more attention to Harold on the sidewalk than where I was on the road--slammed head-first into a delivery truck that had parked to deliver its goods.  I often think about Harold and wonder where he ended-up.  Several attempts to find him and/or his family have failed miserably so if anyone reading this page knows the whereabouts of the Thomas family,
please let me know.

schooling comprised Chatsworth Street Public School at the age of 4 1/2.  When I completed the 11+, I went to St. Hilda’s High School for Girls.  I stayed until April, 1966 when we emigrated.

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