Updated: Jan 10, 2010


Liz at 4 1/2 yrsI started in the infants at Chatsworth Street Public School when I was 4 1/2 years old. It was always my perception that the school was miles away; in reality however, it was no more than 3 or 4 blocks away. Chatsworth Street  was also the school Dad attended so it had certainly stood the test of time. The school accommodated infants, juniors and seniors.  As an infant, there were 5 classes; however, I skipped two of them and attended class 5, 3 and 1 before graduating to the juniors.

Approaching from Chatsworth Street into the school, I remember a large hallway which only turned to the right where you would come face to face with what appeared to be a round tower on the right; and a covered play area on the left. The tower had stairs which lead to the second floor and to be honest, I don‘t remember ever using these stairs.  The covered play area was a great place to stay if it were raining and jump up and down and swing around the concrete pole/light standard support. There was a relatively large playground with an imaginary line separating the juniors from the seniors.  I remember the smelly toilets - one for girls; the other for boys.  The walls leading into them was curved and once inside the maze, the toilets were in a row.  The stalls did have doors, blue painted I think and had a cut-out handle on the one side but no locks. You didn’t have to know where the toilet stalls were located because I remember they were always so clogged and smelly, I was afraid to use them and, while unhealthy, I got used to corking it until I arrived Liz at 5 yrshome!

Once I completed my 11+ exam, I enrolled and was accepted at
St. Hilda’s High School for Girls.

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