Updated: Jan 10, 2010

Las Vegas

ImperialPalaceIn 1976, over the Thanksgiving weekend, Horst and I made our first 3 night, 4 day trip to Las Vegas.  We stayed at the Imperial Palace, visited local attractions, the Hoover dam and flew home.  I absolutely loved the trip and in the subsequent years, made three more.

In 1995, I went with my good friend Shelley and her family where we stayed at the Golden Nugget near
Freemont Street.GoldenNugget

In 2003, I found myself in Vegas again when I went with Karen and her friend Jacquie and we stayed at Circus Circus, right at the east end of the Strip. One of the most memorable experiences we had at this hotel was when the girls  wanted to go shopping at the outlet (at the opposite end of the strip). Not an avid shopper at the best of times, I volunteered my services as the pack horse!
After boarding the shuttle bus and doing the milk-run, we finally arrived at the Outlet, a mega 250 store shopping mall.  After several hours, we left, loaded with bags.  It was a beautiful day and we decided we would wait in the blazing sun for the next bus back to the strip. We waited and waited and finally decided to walk to the next bus stop; and then the next, and then the next.  While the idea sounded good, looking down the strip didn’t appear to be that far but when we finally got to the Mandalay (the first hotel), we were ready for a drink and something to eat.  We went from hotel to hotel, quenching our thirst, finally arriving at Circus Circus.  I believe we walked several miles and I lost 4 pounds!

The last time was in 2009 with other friends, Nicole, Marcia and Joan. We stayed at Caesar’s Palace - It seemed that each time I went, I stayed at a hotel up a notch! This hotel was amazingregal-caesars-palace


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