Updated: Oct 26, 2014





www.sugarbelle.caMy niece Jocelyn is the most incredible cake design artist and I’m proud to help promote Sugarbelle Cakes


wavyensign02An avid photographer and model ship builder, my brother Bob has recently launched www.mcdsgroup.com, a web site specializing in panoramic photography. 




www.quench.caIn memory of Doug Bird, a friend for more than 30 years, this web site wouldn’t be complete without my mentioning Quench Essential’s World’s Best Water and minerals.  Click here to read the Mineral Guide (pdf).  Please  note Adobe Reader is required to view this document.






The owner and staff down at the Cartridge Store have been so helpful in getting www.cartridgestore.came up and running with plenty of printer ink and provide a service that is second to none!






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