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Chatsworth St. Public School - 1966

Chatsworth Public School - 1966

Chatsworth St. Public School - 2006

Chatsworth Public School - 2006

At Chatsworth Street Public School, as school curriculums would allow, we were provided the opportunity of attending camp during the holidays. While it was tough for my parents to gather the required fee, I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity of going twice to Colomendy.  

Postcard0001 (Medium)Located in North Wales, it was a wonderful experience for me and provided a lot of memories. As a pupil of Chatty, this would be our introduction to our first quasi-camping experience and to see if we could survive without our parents! Along with hundreds of other pupils, we stayed in dormitories, spent countless hours walking-up and down the mountainous range, and spending our small allowance on sweets at the Tuck Shop!

Colomendy - Lower CampColomendy was built in 1939 by the National Camps Corporation as a wartime refuge for Liverpool schoolchildren. Nearly 600 children could be housed there in safety away from the expected Blitz, and the first occupants were pupils and teachers from Dingle Girls and Boys Secondary schools.  After the war the camp became a chance for Liverpool school children to get their first taste of the countryside. There were problems though, in 1951, 150 boys rioted smashing crockery as a protest against the food in the camps.

In March 1957 Liverpool Corporation bought Colomendy from the National Camps Corporation for 46,500.

In May 1969 the residential Glan Alyn Secondary Edcuation school was opened. The school closed in 1990 and its residential blocks became part of the main Colomendy camp.

In 2005 plans were revealed for a muti-million pound redevelopment of Colomendy, which is now leased to a private operator, Kingswood, who run the site as an outdoor activity centre.”.

The camp was no longer the exclusive preserve of Liverpool schools

St. Hilda's High School - 1966

St. Hilda’s - 1965 - This is the only picture I have of the school when it was located on Arundel Avenue.  If you have any pictures of the school at this location, please let me know.

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