Updated: Jan 10, 2010

St. Hilda's
St. Hilda's Class Picture - 1965

First Row: Gillian Griffiths, Lorraine Baker, Liz Irvine, Lorna Easson, Carol Cain, Mrs. Massey, Fifth Form Prefect (?)______________, Linda Deakin, Irene Gebert, Susan Haslam, Margaret Halliwell.

Second Row: Jennifer Beck?, Glenys Hayes, Rosemary Birch, Ida Ellis, Janice Cobley, Valerie Hutchison, Susan Green, Norma Easthope, Denise Banks,

Third Row: Gillian Pye?, Tracey Barnwell, Jan Cook, Angela Bell?, Christine Bonner?, Lesley Henderson? Pamela Berkely, Jennifer Farley

Thanks to a Telegram and Farewell/Bon Voyage card I received from the class a couple of days before we left Liverpool, I had a lot of the names; however, it wasn’t until Janet Iddon (who sadly is missing from this picture) was able to put the names to the faces.  I’m still looking for the name of the Fifth Form Prefect (1st Row beside Mrs. Massey). If you can help with the (?) names, that would be absolutely wonderful. If you can help, please e-mail me.

I went back to the UK in 2004 to attend the High School Reunion. I found Janet Iddon and Tracey Barnwell.

St. Hilda's reunion - 2004
Tracey Barnwell/Janet Iddon

Tracey Barnwell and Janet Iddon

Tracey, me and Janet

Tracey, me and Janet

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