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I really never gave much thought about travel being a “hobby”; however, when I looked at the definition, it became obvious that if it hadn’t had brought us pleasure, we would never have taken that first trip!  Another interesting observation is that while there were specific reasons for taking our trips, there hasn’t been one where we didn’t meet somebody new and opening-up yet another door in which to pass through and explore.

1963 - As a kid growing up in Liverpool, our traveling consisted of day trips in the car, or when we had vacation, we’d go camping, usually to Cornwall, Lands End or Wales.  However, at around the age of 10, mum and dad took me to see The Sound of Music at the picture playhouse and was in total awe seeing the incredible mountains and scenery in Austria, where the film was produced.  It was from that point on, I wanted to see them first hand!

1973 - Horst and married in 1973, and as we were both working full-time, our 2-week vacation usually found us traveling to Parry Sound to go
camping at Kilbear Park.

1976 - After I had talked to a seasoned traveler at City Hall, I came home and chatted with Horst about getting away for a couple of days that didn’t involve camping.  On Thanksgiving weekend, we decided to spend Thanksgiving in
Las Vegas.

1977 - Eleven years after we’d arrived in Canada, I decided to make a trip back to England - to bring “closure” I suppose.  While they say you can never go home, my memories of #28 quickly became reality when I saw our old house.  There were obviously some changes - a new door, a new frame, new pathway to the house, new cricket base and a brick wall. Oh yes, there were posters in the windows! 

1986 - Almost 23 years after seeing The Sound of Music, my wish to see the mountains first hand would become a reality!  It was bittersweet as Omi had passed away and as Horst and I were executors to her estate, we would have to make a trip to Germany to complete some banking business.  Friends of ours had already talked about going back to their homestead and after we talked about our plans, we decided to meet up in Rudesheim, spend a few days and then go our separate ways.  We spent just two weeks on a whirlwind visit completing our business and then doing some site seeing.  We visited Austria and I were about 5 minutes late to take the site-seeing horse-drawn carriage around “The Sound of Music” backdrops.  Oh well, just have to go back again!  Our last few days were spent in England and had the relatives come by our hotel on Mount Pleasant - the very street we had spent on our last night before boarding the ship for Canada.

It was very nice to get away and going that once quickly turned into a traveling bug we couldn't deny. Over the next several years, we would travel to
Xijuatanejo, Mexico, Dominican Republic, which we visited several times and traveled across the northern coast from Samana to Puerto Plata.  On different occasions, we took both Karen & Kevin (and girlfriend); and twice, we took Dad and my stepmother Betty staying at Playa Chiquita and Cofresi.

1989 - After the influx of people swamped Kilbear Park, we decided to try
The Shoals.  Located on the highway in-between Wawa and Chapleau and a trip close to 1200 kms, it became our camping location for many years.

1990 - In November, 1990, Horst & I made it to
Cuba - what we thought would be just a regular vacation with sun, sand and relaxation, turned into a semiannual trip that we make to this day. The people we met at the resort were exceptionally kind and gracious; and through some of the staff, we met individuals outside who have become the catalyst for our regular trips.

1991 - UK - Germany - Poland (with Karen & Gabi)

1995 - USA -
Las Vegas - Navarroli’s

2003 - UK - Jacqui & Stephen’s Wedding (Poulton-le-flyde); Scotland; and
Las Vegas (Karen & Jacquie)

2005 - In March earlier in the year, Michael & Steffi (from Berlin) had surprised us at Bucanero Hotel in Cuba.  In September, we decided to go to Wustrow (on the Baltic Sea) to surprise them!

2009 - In September 2009, I made my third trip to
Las Vegas with our Wildwood Women’s Group; came back to Canada and left again, with our Bob and Karen, to pop over the pond to surprise our Tina for her 50th birthday.  While there, I visited London (for the first time) and took in the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre; went to Bath to spend time with my old time friend, Lorraine and her family; then up to Liverpool for the party!  Bob and I went down to the River Mersey where we reminisced, and took some photographs.  It was the first time our Bob had been in the UK since we emigrated 43 years before!

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