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 I grew up with a dad who liked to dabble in photography and there were times at home when he would go in spurts and start shooting pictures. On some occasions, he submitted them for contests. Some of his shots actually looked magical, like the time we took off to the sand dunes and Dad had my brother Bob and me pose in a certain position.  The resulting picture was a miniature version of me perched on Bob’s outstretched palm!  Of course, there were always the usual, posed shots of me trying to look quite demure sitting in the arm chair in the front parlour; one picture, taken in the kitchen came out extra touching because I was missing teeth!.

Over the years, I’ve really enjoyed viewing “professional” pictures and admired the creative and skillful photographers who took them.  Good photographs should tell a story or invoke an emotion.

I didn’t purchase my first camera until 1970, a Minolta film point and shoot.  I was taking pictures and didn’t know the first thing about photography - it was hit and miss.  I took the camera camping to Kilbear park once and while shooting yet another sunset, the lens popped off.  Over the next few years, I would purchase several cameras, all point and shoot and I continued to take snapshots.  In September 2008 however, that changed when I decided to purchase a DSLR - a Canon Rebel xTi. I started to practice with the settings. I picked-up some hints and tips from an excellent photographer by the name of Scott Kelby and continue to read his books. I embraced such things as “the rule of thirds” and general composition, I began the learning process and make it a point to learn at least one thing a day about my new found hobby. Whether it was the purchase of this latest camera that finally moved me to realize the difference between a snapshot and a photograph; or whether it was just a shift in my mind set I don’t know.  What I do know is that I feel I’m well on the way to becoming a photographer.

Since embarking on this hobby, I’ve had the very good fortune of spending some time with my brother, Bob, who in my eyes is an awesome photographer and has had the patience to coach me. It was his influence that encouraged me to become a member of photo.net, an excellent web site where novices like me could learn from others, upload pictures, and even request ratings and critiques.

If you’d like to visit my page, review my ratings and critiques and perhaps leave one of your own, please click here.  Your comments and/or critiques would be most welcome!  

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